To keep the essence of a changing world at the core of the brand, 1% of every item sold will go towards the Heart Care Foundation. The Foundation looks after heart surgeries for the underprivileged who cannot afford operation. They operate one patient everyday, and we as a brand hope to be able to sponsor some of these operations.
Fair Trade
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Heart Care foundation
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Benefits of using organic cotton and tencel
Fair Trade
While all businesses are tilted towards profits first, the focus at Hunt & Howe is at ensuring that each and every individual involved in the process of producing quality garments is respected through the practices of Fair Trade.

As a brand we work only with Fair Trade certified organisations, which ensures better prices, better working conditions, local sustainability and fair terms of trade for poor farmers. Fair Trade is used to address the issues of conventional trade and sides with the weak and poor producers to help them improve their produce, have better control and benefit from the whole process of trade.

We use cotton that comes with a Fair Trade certification and we hope that more consumers too understand its importance and begin to ask for it as well.

We are also committed to both International human and labour rights, ensuring that our products are made in safe and responsible working environments. This also extends to partnering with associates who share the same practices.

As the business grows, so does our responsibility to make a positive impact on the society we live in. It all starts with the people who work with us, they deserve dignity and respect, and that’s what the focus is here at Hunt & Howe.

Labour laws may not be as stringent in our country, however, one does not need to be guided by the law to do the right thing. Basic courtesy for fellow humans will take you through.