Anti-Mosquito Fabric!

For many of us, mosquitoes are irritating pests that can ruin any number of outdoor activities. Recent research has highlighted that mosquitoes are the second biggest reason for human deaths, humans themselves being first. Many diseases such as Malaria, Dengue and now Zika, have spread fear across the world. Repeatedly slathering on bug repellent is one way of dealing with these pests, although wearing clothing made from mosquito-repellent fabric sounds a lot more preferable.

Insect-repellent Clothing or Anti-Mosquito Clothing is a Special garment which knocks down the mosquito’s, Flies and Ticks. The secret to shield the insect is the use of special chemical called Permethrin a synthetic version of a naturally occurring chemical called pyrethrum, which is found in chrysanthemum flowers. Chrysanthemums are known as a good natural deterrent to pesky insects.
Permethrin has been approved by Environmental Protection Agency(EPA), it is a "knockdown" insecticide, meaning it disables the insect when they come in contact with it. So it doesn't so much repel the insects as knock them out or kill them. Check out the article about chemical used in Anti mosquito.

Download the mosquito repellent efficacy test

We advise wearer’s not to dry clean the shirt as it loses its chemical properties