Change is in the air!
The men's fashion scene is about to witness an overhaul as a truly daring range of casual and semi-formal men's wear has stormed into the market.

The brand gets its name from man's basic instinct - Survival. In a dog eat dog world, we need attributes that allow us to be ready to fight and claim what is rightfully ours. Hunt & Howe brings with its collection, the essence of this basic survival skill and bestows its wearers with confidence, style and pride.

For those who are always up for a challenge, for those who live life on their terms, for those who have a different outlook towards life, one that does not necessarily conform with that of society's views, Hunt and Howe is for you. In fact, it’s for the exact opposite as well. It's for those who aspire for change. And yes, we believe that a wardrobe switch to articles from this collection will definitely help bring out that hidden confidence in you.

A range designed for all body types, it redefines the definition of sexy. Global standards of cool are well met with to match aspirational beliefs of the youth in our country. With innovative concepts like anti-stain and anti-mosquito the brand indeed is all set to change the game. Join in.